The Sun

Hello there, My name is Bobby and I like to fly around in my spaceship.

It is not a very big ship, just big enough for me and my pet dog Stink – for – brains.

When I was young, I used to dream of going to the sun. The sun is a big gas planet right next to the planet Earth in that Milkyway galaxy. The sun is so hot that Earthlings burn up when they come any where near it, they can even burn their eyes and skin when they get too much of it on their planet!! Crazy – huh!

Anyway I learned about the sun, as a boy of about eight years old. I learned about how hot it was, and how crucial for life it is on Earth. The tiny little balances that make up the soup of life on that crazy planet. My planet doesnt have anything like that, they say we decended from Earth tens of millions or billions of years ago. Noone quite knows.

Me, Stink and my family live inside a very big mushroom on our planet, which is also our life support. Its gills have special adaptations which make it hold oxygen within the main dome. In this top bit, there are passages and rooms cut out, which is our house. Mine is right at the top, and my ceiling is made of glass so I can look out at the stars. We live on a planet which is approximatly 900, 000 light years from Earth. Which is just about on the very edge of the milkyway galaxy.

This means I would have to travel for about a year in the best spaceship we have to get there. My space ship would probably just ‘clunk’ out after a month! But I just turned 22 and I’ve got to try. So here we are me and Stink on our way to the Sun!!

I have packed all the essentials in my anti-decomposing room on my spaceship; 204 loaves of bread, 800 eggs, 43 leaks, 12 mushroom growing logs, a water machine and bags and bags of lentils, pulses and soya protein powder. So hopefully I will have enough food along with my 3D food printer. I have also fitted two of the best speakers money can buy so I can listen to my favorite music all day long as well as installed a daylight lamp and a ‘grass room’ for Stinky to go poo so I can use this to power my ship and just for him to have some fun! I think this will be all I need.

So – Good bye home planet! Wish me luck my friends! I am taking a trip to the sun!

Bobby Space Cadet.


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